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Amazon is helping to kill off Android Tablets

I read “Amazon ups the ante in war against Apple” by Adam Lashinsky (http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2012/09/07/amazon-vs-apple/) about how Amazon is hurting Apple, but it didn’t look at how the new Kindle Fire is helping to kill off the Android tablet market. Just as many companies tried to come up with iPod killers and failed, it is common… Read More »

Tablet market in 2012

If 2010, 2011 wasn’t enough to prove that there isn’t a tablet market but just an iPad market, Apple just made sure of it with the new apps and partnerships in the education sector. The longer it takes Google or Microsoft to come up with their competitive offerings, the more certain will Apple become the… Read More »

Kindle Fire – Setting the Android tablet market on fire!

There is nothing wrong with the Kindle Fire and it is likely to do very well as a top end Kindle. If you compare the tech spec with iPad 2, you will find the norm with any other Android tablets on the market today. Shorter battery life, slightly thicker, smaller screens, etc. In fact, it… Read More »

Tablet Market

Some look at the current success of Android smartphones (by units shipped) as a reference on how Android can conquer the tablet market as well. Looking at the numbers closely, it is easy to see that Android is simply displacing Symbian and other non-iOS mobile phones whilst Apple grows with a customer retention rate of… Read More »