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Hate Something, Change Something…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwRCBHhyrAA (Borrowing the title from a very memorable (very annoying to some) TV advertisement by Toyota.) Just having one of those days which I feel like trying something different. So I switched my default search engine to Bing today. Maybe the plain simple input box is getting a bit too boring, or because it is often blocked… Read More »

Less than 18% of smartphone usage are for calls and texts.

http://mediacentre.o2.co.uk/Press-Releases/Making-calls-has-become-fifth-most-frequent-use-for-a-Smartphone-for-newly-networked-generation-of-users-390.aspx Interesting research results from O2 looking at smartphone usage. Our combined usage on phonecalls and texts are lower than browsing the web. It can be the answer to why Apple released Safari/webkit years before iPhone and still enforce that webkit being used for all web browsing on iPhone and iPad. It was a long… Read More »

The Real War of Mobile Industry

We all tend to focus on the short term issues. In the mobile industry, people do the same. For Android, most reports only look at fragmentation of market, confusion on Google’s strategy and the complex legal issues. Even when evaluating giant Apple, news of the long expected leaving of iGod can still send the stock… Read More »

Use Gmail safely

I found a great tool for backing up your Gmail account onto your own hard disk. You can also use it to restore your emails so you can merge Gmail accounts, etc. I like Gmail, I use it for my personal and work email, but I have always kept a copy of all emails myself… Read More »

Browser War 2.0

Google announced an operating system for netbooks running on x86 and ARM chips. Based on the Linux kernel and will be release under open source, Google is positioning this as the “natural extension” to the Google Chrome browser strategy. But wait, wasn’t Chrome browser supposed to be the killer of Windows OS by enabling web… Read More »