Free PC Apps

  • PortableApps – A good collection of software that you can run directly off a USB drive. Better still, you can just have it on the C: Drive and then make copies of the whole folder to any computer you use. You will then have all the software, bookmarks, settings, all consistent. The suite includes OpenOffice, Firefox, Filezilla, etc. And you can install many more.
  • Skype – I use this a lot for free calls. Their unlimited package is great.
  • Fetion – China only – free SMS for all China Mobile users directly from the computer or mobile.
  • iPhone PC Suite – Better than using iTunes to synchronize your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad if you have a jailbroken device.
  • DAEMON Tools – Always useful to mount disk images.
  • 7-zip – Better compression than Winzip or WinRAR. And it integrates with the explorer menu nicely.
  • Freemind – Nice cross-platform mind-mapping software.
  • Synergy – for sharing of keyboard and mouse with many computers over the network. I use it to share between Mac and PC.
  • UBCD for Windows – every now and then, your computer will have problems. Make sure you have a boot disk (CD or DVD) like this.
  • Gmail Backup – to make your own backup of your gmail account. You can also use this to transfer mail from one account to another.
  • FreeRapid – Downloader software to help with downloading from services like Rapidshare, Hotfile, etc. Supports Proxy list too, so you download many many files at once.
  • GoodReaderUSB – to use with your iPad/iPhone to transfer and manage files.
  • GMBox – Google Music Box, when you are in China, within the great firewall, you can use this to download legit and free music from Google Music.

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