Free Mac Apps

  • OpenOffice – Don’t want to spend lots of money on Microsoft Office, this is a perfectly capable alternative. It reads all DOC, XLS files and it can also save directly as PDF for emailing to friends.
  • Freemind – Mindmap software. Not the prettiest and one of the most compatible. Their file-format is now widely supported in many iPad mindmap apps.
  • FileZilla – Nice FTP Client (and even server) software.
  • HandBrake – For converting all sorts of video formats. I use it mainly to put convert DVDs to iPhone/iPad ready MP4 files.
  • uTorrent – a neat/small bittorrent client.
  • Adium – Multi-protocal instant messenger. I have many IM accounts, and this software combines them all. But it doesn’t go video, which is annoying.
  • KeePassX – Stores all my passwords securely. You can use it to generate different passwords for each site and keep it safe under one master password.
  • VLC – Good media player, supports most formats. Some say it is getting too big and bloated, but you can count on it to support more format than other software.
  • Xmarks – To synchronize my bookmarks across all my computers and browsers. I find it annoying not to have my bookmarks with me.
  • You Control Tunes – Menu bar plugin to control your iTunes. Nice to have quick access to pause the music, etc.
  • Show Desktop – I know the built in expose should do something similar, but I find the good old Windows-like “Show Desktop” feature very useful. I can hide everything and start again to mess it up. 😛

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