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Sell it like Apple

Stop telling me how many mAh the battery has, and tell me the number of hours I can use the phone for! Why tell me about DPI of the screen? I understand that Retina Display already has the best resolution I can see with my actual retina. Who cares about how many gigabytes of RAM,… Read More »

Hate Something, Change Something… (Borrowing the title from a very memorable (very annoying to some) TV advertisement by Toyota.) Just having one of those days which I feel like trying something different. So I switched my default search engine to Bing today. Maybe the plain simple input box is getting a bit too boring, or because it is often blocked… Read More »

A key milestone for iOS, thank you Mr Forstall.

Main business story of the day is the departure of Scott Forstall from Apple. I know, that’s what journalists do, to spend time writing about what happened. Try to make sense of it all, even from unnamed sources, rumours, speculations, etc. I am trying to say it in a nice way, but it is either… Read More »

Creating an Education Platform

Just some ideas on the education platform I plan to build. Knowledge transfer Quality multimedia content (iTunes university as an example) Collaborative content creation Adaptive learning with study pattern (usage) analysis Interactivity Virtual presence Forums and online discussion Face to face meetings – Don’t think technology can totally replace this one Certification Computer aided testing… Read More »