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Amazon is helping to kill off Android Tablets

I read “Amazon ups the ante in war against Apple” by Adam Lashinsky ( about how Amazon is hurting Apple, but it didn’t look at how the new Kindle Fire is helping to kill off the Android tablet market. Just as many companies tried to come up with iPod killers and failed, it is common… Read More »

42-megapixel camera phone, by Nokia, runs on Symbian! Nokia announced a new phonewith 41-megapixel camera on the opening day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Technically, the camera is amazing and will easily be the best camera phone out there. But strategically, it will fail no matter if it sells well or not. All because Nokia chose to power the phone by… Read More »

Browser War 2.0

Google announced an operating system for netbooks running on x86 and ARM chips. Based on the Linux kernel and will be release under open source, Google is positioning this as the “natural extension” to the Google Chrome browser strategy. But wait, wasn’t Chrome browser supposed to be the killer of Windows OS by enabling web… Read More »