Sell it like Apple

By | 2016/10/01

Stop telling me how many mAh the battery has, and tell me the number of hours I can use the phone for!

Why tell me about DPI of the screen? I understand that Retina Display already has the best resolution I can see with my actual retina.

Who cares about how many gigabytes of RAM, GHz of processor, 64-bits or not? 90% of the world just want a “nice” phone to use.

Way back with the iPod, they told us that we can fit 1000 songs in the pocket. It was easy to work out that it is about 100 CDs. Telling me how many GBs of storage doesn’t help me replace my music collection.

Try to sell things like Apple. In fact, just sell them like apples. Make sure it is red and shiny, no frills, and it will sell itself.

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