Less than 18% of smartphone usage are for calls and texts.

By | 2012/07/04


Interesting research results from O2 looking at smartphone usage. Our combined usage on phonecalls and texts are lower than browsing the web. It can be the answer to why Apple released Safari/webkit years before iPhone and still enforce that webkit being used for all web browsing on iPhone and iPad. It was a long time ago when Netscape wanted to be the ubiquitous browser of the world and create a new platform for all IT. Microsoft understood the threat and reacted with IE and got into trouble with the whole antitrust case. Apple, smartly avoided any similar accusations by open-sourcing webkit from early days, “won” the browser war without anyone paying too much attention to it. Chrome and Safari uses webkit on desktops, 90%+ of smartphones and tablets  are using webkit on mobiles. Apple doesn’t need to make money from webkit as such, but they can continue to lead by setting the standard on mobile web browsing.

A side note to this. Knowing that we do less calling and texting, when you next choose a mobile plan, make sure you focus on the data aspect of the pricing to get a good deal. Mobile operators will start charging more for data, just like text messaging used to be a free service as part of gsm phones right at the beginning. When they realised they can make a lot of money from it, they started milking it and been profiting lots from it. Count on it that they will be more aggressive with their data pricing in the future and pick wisely before committing to a long contract.


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