42-megapixel camera phone, by Nokia, runs on Symbian!

By | 2012/02/28


Nokia announced a new phonewith 41-megapixel camera on the opening day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Technically, the camera is amazing and will easily be the best camera phone out there. But strategically, it will fail no matter if it sells well or not. All because Nokia chose to power the phone by their Symbian system.

After a year of claiming to be fully committed to Windows Mobile, releasing a new phone like this is going to confuse the market and partners. Creating a true lose-lose situation where gaining market share with this new phone will further delay Nokia establishing as the prime and committed Windows Mobile maker.

The smartphone market is driven by the wider app ecosystem. It is not hard to notice that most app developers are focused on iOS, Android and then Windows Mobile. Symbian and Blackberry are always last options for completeness. Nokia has to stop looking back on the Symbian platform for smartphones and look at all the numbers confirming day by day that Windows Mobile is the only hope for them to do well if they choose not to play the Android game.

5 thoughts on “42-megapixel camera phone, by Nokia, runs on Symbian!

  1. avatargonzales

    i know that nokia would surly lunch 42mp smart phone. With WINDOWS os.it just matter of time.they know what they are doing!!!!!!!!!

  2. avatarsachin mutha parbhani (mah)

    Is there compition to this 41 mega pixel camera of nokia mobile pureview 808 in other competative brands?

  3. avatarsachin mutha parbhani (mah)

    @gonzales that is not in windows os but in symbain!

  4. avatarTory Bonin

    Seven years ago, the camera-phone hardly registered. Indeed, on 17 June 2003, some idiot wrote in the Guardian that the low take-up of those newfangled 3G phones with their built-in cameras, launched two months previously, could be ascribed to the fact that “it’s not immediately clear what they’re for, and that mystery is not sufficiently seductive to make many of us shell out”. The writer all but argued that camera-phones were destined for the technological knacker’s yard, like Sinclair C5s, the Securi-Gnome and NiteMates slippers with their built-in headlights (all real products). With the benefit of hindsight, let me admit what a bonehead I was to write that.*

  5. avatarEra Burgin

    Most camera phones are simpler than separate digital cameras. Their usual fixed focus lenses and smaller sensors limit their performance in poor lighting. Lacking a physical shutter, most have a long shutter lag. Flash, where present, is usually weak. ”

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