Tablet market in 2012

By | 2012/01/21

If 2010, 2011 wasn’t enough to prove that there isn’t a tablet market but just an iPad market, Apple just made sure of it with the new apps and partnerships in the education sector.

The longer it takes Google or Microsoft to come up with their competitive offerings, the more certain will Apple become the gold standard on tablets. Everyday now, textbook publishers will be working on digitising their content for the iPad, for the 1024×786 resolution/ratio. Teachers and students will start to try using this platform. And by end of summer, decisions will be made on deploying these in schools for the new academic year. When it gets to that stage, it will be very hard for anyone to come up with a replacement product. They will be forced to come up with a compatible product for a simple reason, teachers will not be telling students using different devices to turn to a different page.

People often feel that lack of choice is an issue without the real regard for where the real choice should be. Books, in one form or another, are just some paper bound together. It is a standardised platform for publishing. The choice is on the content, not the media. The current tablet platform war is just like paper producers fighting for market share. I am sure paper producers make a lot of money, but that’s not the main reason why end users buy a book. By offering all the new tools, Apple just made sure publishers will choose their multimedia platform over others.

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