Goodbye Xserve, hello Sun?

By | 2010/11/05

Apple has just discontinued their server range, which is a big blow to anyone looking at deploying Macs to enterprise use. Not having rack-mounted servers with proper power redundancy will cast Apple out of the enterprise infrastructure.

There can be a way around this. Buddy up with ex-Apple board member Larry Ellison again, do an exclusive deal with them so they can run OS X as a part of their Sun hardware offerings. With the recent news on Apple discontinuing its own Java efforts and with Oracle staying out of the mobile devices space, there is much hope that the two companies can smoothly cooperate.

Look more widely in the industry, there are not many tech giants that are so complementary and non-conflicting. But don’t expect a merger any time soon.

One thought on “Goodbye Xserve, hello Sun?

  1. avatarEdward Post author

    Maybe completeness is over-rated. Who says Apple needs enterprise class servers to win? What’s if they don’t have a strategy to be big in corporate IT, but just want to be a nice client to all common server technologies?

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