MacBook Air – Not enough features from iPad.

By | 2010/10/24

Going all solid-state storage is great, taking the lead again getting rid of old spinning hard disk technology like what they did with the floppy disk with the original iMac back in 1998.

Having a smaller 11-inch model takes another stab at the already iPad-challenged netbook market. Most netbooks use slow processors and standard laptop hard disks, but Apple managed to fit in a Core 2 Duo processor and adequate amount of flash memory at very competitive price points. If Windows is the main reason why you want a netbook, you can just buy one of these and use it with Bootcamp which will allow for dual booting.

But still, I feel that Apple hasn’t pushed the hardware changes far enough. They said they are taking what they have learnt from iPad, but they seem to be ignoring a couple of key features.

1. 3G – Just having wifi is not enough. They should be able to tell that 3G models are much more popular than plain wifi models. Most PC makers have at least a few laptops with built in 3G, Apple is late on this one.

2. GPS – Sure, can use wifi to estimate the location, but having built in GPS to pin-point the location can open up many new app opportunities like what we have seen on iPhone & iPad.

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