Browser War 2.0

By | 2009/07/09

Google announced an operating system for netbooks running on x86 and ARM chips. Based on the Linux kernel and will be release under open source, Google is positioning this as the “natural extension” to the Google Chrome browser strategy. But wait, wasn’t Chrome browser supposed to be the killer of Windows OS by enabling web or cloud based apps to run as smoothly as local apps? Or has Google finally remembered that just like the previous attempt by Netscape, the browser war cannot be won by the browser, but at the OS level. And when it comes to the OS war, Linux is just not winning anywhere other than the server or device-embedded market. Whilst many sites are reporting this as the Microsoft killer, it seems like yet another beta project from Google in attempt to find its second act. We laugh at Bing as a Google killer when it is not even a close second on the market, Chrome (OS or browser) is just as laughable when it is a distance fourth at best by any measure.

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