Sell it like Apple

Stop telling me how many mAh the battery has, and tell me the number of hours I can use the phone for! Why tell me about DPI of the screen? I understand that Retina Display already has the best resolution I can see with my actual retina. Who cares about how many gigabytes of RAM,… Read More »

IT Industry Review 2013

Another year went by quickly. It’s time to jot down my quick review of 2013. Apple had a boring year? Everyone waited for most of 2013 with high expectations to see new gadgets from Apple, iWatch, Apple TV, etc. But Apple took their time to release “only” new iPhones and iPads in October, they continue… Read More »

Bitcoin Mining Review – November 2013

I spent the past few days learning about bitcoin and here is my summary so far. Update: I will keep adding links and other information on this page. I have added other links about the background and economics of bitcoin whilst this review only focus on the coin mining aspect. Bitcoin is often referred to… Read More »

Hate Something, Change Something… (Borrowing the title from a very memorable (very annoying to some) TV advertisement by Toyota.) Just having one of those days which I feel like trying something different. So I switched my default search engine to Bing today. Maybe the plain simple input box is getting a bit too boring, or because it is often blocked… Read More »

Amazon is helping to kill off Android Tablets

I read “Amazon ups the ante in war against Apple” by Adam Lashinsky ( about how Amazon is hurting Apple, but it didn’t look at how the new Kindle Fire is helping to kill off the Android tablet market. Just as many companies tried to come up with iPod killers and failed, it is common… Read More »

Less than 18% of smartphone usage are for calls and texts. Interesting research results from O2 looking at smartphone usage. Our combined usage on phonecalls and texts are lower than browsing the web. It can be the answer to why Apple released Safari/webkit years before iPhone and still enforce that webkit being used for all web browsing on iPhone and iPad. It was a long… Read More »